Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a Weekend!

Yes, I know it's Tuesday but we took an extended weekend, lol. That's just how we roll in this family, lol.

We had a fabulous time this weekend and I thought I'd briefly tell you about and share some pics! It started off on Friday with us going to the Charlie Daniels concert. LaNita was nice enough to invite us as her special guest and we got to meet Charlie before the concert. It was pretty awesome, he is such a nice man. We got autographs and a pic with him (Thanks Heather for sending the pic).

Nita & I before the concert started

The boys before the concert started

Nita and I admiring our pretty toes..Blue and Green..Dale Jr colors, if you don't know, lol
Our FRONT ROW seats...pretty sweet!
Charlie himself!Only my son can fall asleep during whooping and hollering, lol
Saturday Nita and I set off to San Antonio for a wedding of one of our Soldiers (you know we kind of adopt them). It was so HOT!
This is a pic of Nita and I in front of some tree at the Alamo

And us again in front of a fountain (we are gonna start a Nita & Nay Photo Album, lol)

The Wedding Couple..Geoffrey and Kari (so beautiful). We wish them all the best in the world!

We decided before heading home to take a horse drawn carriage ride...our horse's name was Apollo

Us on the carriage, we were sweaty and hot, lol

The hotel that Teddy Roosevelt recruited some of his Rough Riders at..pretty cool history!

I'm skipping Sunday because we didn't do anything exciting that day. It was Father's Day and we missed daddy and just hung out as bums!

Last night we went to the drive-in with friends. $5 for us to see two movies! Not bad at all. We saw Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones!
So now I should get back into the groove, get out of my PJ's at 3 p.m. and go get milk that we need, lol.


WolfleyFamily said...

Looks like a pretty fun weekend over all (except missing Kevin - especially for Father's Day). Greg went to see Charlie Daniels in Iraq - said he was awesome :) I'm going to copy your drive-in idea, I hadn't even though of doing that for the summer (it's been ages since I've been to one).

Amy said...

Ahh looks like you guys had a great time! The concert looks awesome!

Oh by the way, I'm Amy from church, I play piano in primary. You gave a talk the very first sunday I came into this ward back in December. I loved it and have always admired you from afar each week at church when I see you!

Amanda Panda said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Michelle said...

Awww see that is good fun! I am glad you guys had a good weekend!

PS can you ask Nita if her FitFlops really work? :o) I have been thinking about getting a pair, but can't spend the $ if I don't know that they work, lol.

Jason & Dorshan said...

To fun!!! Bummed we missed Charlie! I guess he is the only "Daniels" one should reach for these days... LOL San Antonio looked like fun too. I love the movie pic too. You did have a busy weekend!