Thursday, May 01, 2008

Transitioning Army Wife

Sometime a couple months ago, I came to the realization that I had made a transition. I didn't do so willingly and I wish someone had asked my permission before sending me over the line, but they didn't and it wouldn't matter if they did anyway, the reality is that I now fall in the category of the "older" Army wife. As someone told me yesterday, it's not "older" but wiser. I'll go with that.

I really enjoyed being a young, somewhat hip Army wife. I liked that a lot of the wives were a bit older, a bit more experienced than I was. I loved being the "new, fresh of breath air". Ok, now I'm sounding cocky (I've been accused of that a lot lately, I may start to believe it's true if it continues!) But anyway, I realize now that I'm the other wife now. It's not a bad thing, mind you...just different.

Age to me is a just a number, I've never focused on it, I've never stressed about it. I probably don't act my age half the time and sometimes I don't look my age (that is a blessing). But I realize as I meet more new Army spouses, I have noticed that I have indeed crossed that line. It's not about the age either, it's about the experience. I've been married to my Army husband for 12 years. I was a Soldier before I met him. I've been "in" the Army for almost half my life and all of my adult life. That's kind of crazy if you think about it.

What's the point of this blog? I guess it's to acknowledge that I know I've crossed over. I've had the blessing of great examples of Army spouses. I've also had the blessing of not so great examples that I could learn from as well. I remember MSG Baldwin's wife at Fort Campbell who would have chili and fresh cornbread waiting for us anytime we came back from the field. I remember MAJ Dupps' wife and the lovely spread she put out for the Soldiers who attended a casual BBQ in their backyard, and her down to earth attitude and sincere concern for all of us who came. Those are just a couple examples of people who touched my heart and taught me that the little things matter. I hope that I can follow in their footsteps and do justice as I support my husband and his Soldiers. I also hope that I can be a worthy example to those new spouses who might be watching my service, I hope that I can be the "good" example and not the, "don't EVER do that", example.

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That siggy is wearing a Chevy shirt! WOOHOO! (It's all about NASCAR, ya know!) Did you make your picks?

I think you have learned from me also... though you do still "fight" me one it! lol Sometimes it is the simple things in life that mean a lot to soldiers... like Little Debbie snack cakes. Yes, in my ultimate wisdom, I have learned that they do not need all that sweaty kitchen work to feel loved.

Hmmm... if this teaching thing doesn't work out, maybe I can become a spokesperson for Little Debbie. They sponsor the Wood Bros. car, ya know! (See... it IS all about NASCAR!)