Friday, May 30, 2008

Official Ball Photos

Last week we got our little postcard in the mail telling us our Ball Pics were ready to be picked up. Can't say I'm happy with them (not happy with myself most likely). Not the best pic of us but watching the photographer pose other people in weird positions, I would have to consider us lucky to get away with what we got.
Kev's pic of him alone came out great...I had to play with it though, lol
The one of Kev will probably go in a frame and the one of the two of us will probably end up in an envelope in a photo box somewhere, lol


Amanda Panda said...

Awww, I think you look beautiful!

Jason & Dorshan said...

I like these. I think they turned out nice! :) I agree on the weird positions. Ours weren't that great. I don't even remember where I put them! lol

Becca said...

They are cute Nadine

J&M said...

I think it's pretty! I love the blue!