Monday, May 26, 2008

In Recognition

In recognition of our heroes who have fought and died for us on foreign soil.
To those of World War I, which has only been a history lesson for me, you fought to make the world a safer place.
Soldiers of World War II,
I salute.
You fought in other countries,
for a free world.
Korean Veterans, thank you. for fighting in a war that is largely forgotten, unless a loved one fell there.
Men and Women, who served in Vietnam,
I respect and honor your contribution.
You stayed the course,
even knowing you would be spit on,
and called ‘baby killer'
when you returned home.
Thank you for doing the job
you were asked to do.
To those who are serving,
and dying in the Middle East,
I send you my prayers.
You are volunteers who have
largely left homes, families
and jobs to be in the midst
of a "Storm."
You are doing the right thing,
despite what the media say.
Serve with honor and dignity,
as did the ones that went before you.
Thank you to all veterans and our current military men and women who are serving with pride, all over the world.
~Sherri Smith


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