Thursday, May 29, 2008

Academic Dinner

On Tuesday night, we had the opportunity to attend the academic dinner for Michael's middle school. He was awarded for starting his middle school years off on a good note. He was given a medal, plaque and cool t-shirt. They also had the National Junior Honor Society inductions and Michael has decided to make it his personal goal to be part of that ceremony next year.

This wasn't the most organized event but I appreciate that they took the time to honor the hard work that these kids have done. It's a true testament of how strong our military children are. This is a school that is on post meaning that almost all students that attend have parents in the Army and most have at least one of them deployed at any given time. The fact that they honored so many students let's us know that they continue to endure despite the trials thrown in their path.

We are very proud of Michael and the example he sets for our entire family.

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Jason & Dorshan said...

WAY TO GO!!! :) How awesome.