Friday, May 02, 2008

Class of 2014

Yesterday morning about 10 minutes before heading out to the bus stop, Michael started an interesting dialogue.

Michael - "Mom, today is going to be our field day, we are going to be outside ALL day!"
Mom - "Cool, make sure you drink water."
Michael - "Our t-shirts are really cool, they say twenty fourteen on them and they are the school's colors."
Mom - "That's neat, what's with the 14?"
Michael - "Because that's when I graduate."
Mom - thinking to herself, what?!?!?! but says "Oh, so do you get these shirts for participating in field day?"
Michael - "No, they are $8, but you get a free lunch if you buy a t-shirt."
Mom - still reeling from the fact that her son put a date on his transition to adulthood and not handling it well in her brain says, "So you're asking me for $8?"
Michael - "Yes, I would like a t-shirt, please."

I hand him the money and send him out the door. For anyone who knows me, knows that I am in denial over the fact that my children will grow up someday and leave me and start life on their own. Every major milestone is hard for me to accept. I had a hard time sending Michael off to 6th grade and now someone has decided to throw in my face an actual year of his graduation! How dare they do this to me!!! *Sigh* I'm just not ready for him to grow up.

It is a pretty cool shirt. He was psyched over the fact that he got a "free" lunch with his purchase.

Kevin didn't help matters any when I relayed the conversation to him..instead he went on to inform me that it meant that Neil graduates in 2016 and Daniel in 2019 (I should hold him back and make him graduate in 2020, wouldn't that be cool??) oh and he would retire one year after Michael graduates...I swear he's trying to kill me!!!


Jill said...

Gotta Love it - My baby Amaya is class of 2020 and Makai will be class of 2025!!! Man that makes me feel SOO old!

Becca said...

Oooh now you have me wondering when Mikey will graduate, let's see.....Mikey will be class of 2020 (yay, lol) and Austin will be class of 2023....holy moly

Cute shirt and yeah don't want mine to grow up either

Trevs Navy Wife said...

I have to say that is a cute shirt!! And I have not even begun to think about when Katrina and Aidan will graduate. Although the other day my mom called me crying because she had seen some elders and it occured to her that Aidan would be a missionary one day....Then I lost it!