Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is with our kids?

I do not know what the deal is with our kids but I think they have all gone off their rockers! I know I constantly write about how well behaved our children normally are, because really they are great kids. But they are doing somethings that are driving us nuts!

Last week Daniel took it upon himself to take a bottle of Elmer's glue and pour it all over Neil's bed. When I asked him why he did it, he gave me that fun little standard answer of I don't know! Grrrrrrrr!!! Kevin also found a paring knife in his pocket last weekend that he had been using to dig in the ground. He knows not to play with knives and he also knows not to dig in the yard! Again, asked why he was doing this...I don't know..well dang it..if you don't know who does? (flashback to my own childhood and the words of my own parents.)

Going through Neil's schoolbag, Kevin found lots of food crumbs and lots of crumbled papers and oh, a note from his teacher talking to us about him not turning in his work. Not sure when that came home as it's not dated. As Kevin was dumping out his bag into the trash, Neil told him not to look in his bag. We both did the, excuse me???? Our kids are far from saints but I can honestly say talking back isn't a big issue in our home...mainly because it's not tolerated. He immediately knew he was wrong and put his head down. I don't like for our kids to do that, I want them to understand there are consequences for their actions but I don't want them to feel like we are demeaning them. We didn't yell at him, we just reminded him of our rules and our expectations. He also lost the privilege of using his "cool" bag and will have to carry a clear backpack for the remainder of the school year.

Michael has always been our absentminded child. Yesterday he calls and asks me if I can take him his reed for his bassoon that he had left at home. I know many moms would have rushed to take it to him but I was already out doing my errands for the day and with gas prices as high, a little trip is not worth it. I told him that I was sorry he left it at home but that it is his responsibility. He understood and hung up the phone. If I don't teach him now to be responsible, when do I think he'll learn? This morning he also told me that he had lost his ID badge. Ok, I have been waiting on that one since his broke a few months ago. He tried hard to keep track of it but it got lost. A few minutes later he casually mentioned that he had been given D-hall for talking yesterday. I guess he thought I might not hear or understand because he went on talking about something else. He was quite upset...this is how Michael is, he gets upset anytime he gets in trouble. This is only the 4th time his entire school career he has been punished, it's devastating to him. I didn't yell, trust me, I can't make him feel worse then he already made himself feel. I told him it wasn't really my problem and I hope he could learn from his mistake and work on making better choices.

Even our dog is having issues! Last night she got up and decided to tip over water and then go to the bathroom all over the floor. Kevin was not a happy camper as he cleaned up the mess and put her in her kennel. Sapper is quite spoiled and sleeps with us so she did not handle being put up well and whined quite loudly. I didn't undermine daddy's authority but I did come down and sleep on the couch so she wouldn't be alone. She stayed in her kennel and we all got some sleep.

I don't know if it's the change in weather or the fact that they all sense the big change that is coming up in a few short weeks. But I hope whatever it is, they work through it fast. If not I might have some way cute kids for sale soon!

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