Monday, April 14, 2008

Iron Will

Ok, actually I have no will at all when it comes to ironing. I despise ironing and only do it out of necessity. If my kids had it their way they could go to school looking like they had slept in the dryer for a few weeks (and if I let myself give in, I'd be ok with it too). But that is not the case, I can't do it, therefore I cave and I iron. Well, the irons in our home have probably been with us for a while and have gotten extremely worn out.

The other day I went and bought a new iron. Now I cannot really see the sense in spending a crazy amount of money on an iron so I admit I bought the cheap one. It's the same brand as one of our old ones and that one worked very well.

I don't know if I'm just special or what but I cannot figure out this new iron. I put water in it, I plugged it in, turned the dial...nothing. The light came on..but it didn't get hot. It got kinda warm, but not hot. I play with the dial a bit..still nothing. I think to myself..maybe irons are pretty highspeed now and it doesn't need a lot of heat to iron. Yeah, that didn't work. I actually pull out the owner's manual..I have never in my life ever read an owner's manual for an iron..I mean seriously, how hard can it be, right? Well, it appears I did everything right and it still doesn't heat up..

I'm going to say it's defective and take it back...I can't possibly be so special that I can't work an iron, right? It's definitely the item and not the owner who is defective...stay tuned....

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Bringhurst Family said...

Normally I don't Iron. It's just a rule. Mom doesn't iron. So for Christmas I did Brandon's ironing for a month. Afterwards I said to him "man I can't believe how generous I am that was torture."