Saturday, April 05, 2008

Too Much Fun in LA

So our Soldier made it home to us this past Thursday evening. He was a scruffy, stinky man indeed. I didn't take a pic of him when he got home, though I should have. In 12 years of marriage I have never seen him with so much hair. It is so nice to have him home..he truly makes our family complete. Kevin feels that their training was a success and that's always a good thing.

One thing I always miss about the Army is the camaraderie and the opportunities for unit or section cohesion. There are always great stories to tell, incidents to laugh about later on. I love it when I hear these stories but they also make me miss the times when I was a part of that. But anyway, this isn't about me, lol.

So if anyone has been around a Soldier when they are bored, they know that they can be pretty creative with their time. Well, Kevin and his Soldiers were doing the "hurry up and wait" in LA and decided that 5 lbs of Gummy Bears could be fun..the videos below will show you what fun they had...some of the video is poor quality...Kevin makes a much better Soldier than photographer but some of the commentary is hilarious... (Hope SGT G and SGT W don't mind being on display on our blog...I hope Kevin gave them the disclaimer that if you end up on our camera you could end up on our blog, lol) *Be sure to turn off the music to hear the Soldiers cracking up.

All in all, they got some good training, created some great memories, got some butt chewings over pizza boxes and had quite a few laughs.


Michelle said...

That is classic Nadine! I completely understand what you mean about remembering the good Army times! I am glad that even though they were away from home they found the time to have some fun! Looks like Kevin has a great group that he is going with. I am sure that will give you some peace of mind in the coming months! Welcome home Kevin!

KeekerBug said...

The videos made me smile :). It's nice to see soldiers having a good time. I hope you stocked up on your own supply of gummy bears ;).