Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Let's Get Physicals...

Are we having fun yet?

Today we went on an adventure to the medical clinic to get the boys physicals. Michael will need one to attend Boy Scout camp so I figured why not just get all the boys the once over at the same time. I have to say I was quite impressed with their patience. It was a long two hours but we had some great nurses and our pediatrician is awesome. All the boys are very healthy.

You know I have to bore you all with the stats..

Michael is 58" and 94.6 lbs (I'd like to know where he hides that)

Neil is 56" and 79.8 lbs (I was sure he was heftier than Michael)

Daniel is 48" and 54.8 lbs (he was proud to be just as tall as some of Neil's classmates, lol)

The boys were kind of funny going through the different aspects of the exams. Having their ears and noses looked at. All three were quite embarrassed with the hernia check...poor Michael and Neil did all they could to muster up the coughs required...(mommy is terrible because she sat in the corner giggling away). During the hearing check they started to hear beeps that didn't exist (the nurse got a chuckle out of that). Overall, the Doctor was quite impressed with how well behaved the boys were going through all of that. I was too, but I am biased in the opinion that I think my children are well behaved anyway.

All three were quite relieved to find out that their immunizations are up to date and no shots were needed (pesky things those needles are, eh?). Poor Daniel was a bit traumitized when the doc noticed his throat was a bit red and raw and wanted to rule out strep. He did not enjoy the swab being thrust down his throat causing him to gag..he immediately regressed into a toddler and crawled into mommy's lap for safety and cuddling. (Ok, this mommy admits that she loved that moment.)

So we have three healthy, handsome boys. As a treat for being so good and patient during our appointment, the doctor gave them a get out of school pass and they came home and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and ate junk food!

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Jason & Dorshan said...

YIPPIE!!! Too funny about the swab. Trent has to go in for his 4 yr... and he should be getting about 4 shots... He keeps pinching himself saying "it's only going to feel like this? RIGHT MOM???" hahaha