Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Smart Kids and other stuff

Of course I admit to being completely biased in that opionion HOWEVER, their reports cards also say that my kids are SMART as well. This week the two younger boys were recognized for both making the A/B Honor Roll. We are very proud of them. It was bittersweet when it came to Daniel because I'm not sure he's old enough to be on an type of Honor Roll list!! (yes I am in denial that he is growing). But we are very proud of our boys and how well they are doing in school. Michael too made A's and B's but middle school is different and we should be getting his certificate this week (maybe?).

Also, the two younger boys participated in an All City Chess Tournament where our school placed First! Go Kings!!! Neil placed 2nd in his field and well Daniel, he just participated. Kevin said he wasn't sure some of his challengers really knew what they were doing and there weren't enough adults supervising but Daniel didn't complain so we are going with the flow! He was happy to participate. Michael is going to take on the challenge of getting together a chess team at his school, we're proud of his initiative and support him 100%.

Michael and Kevin went camping last weekend and thus Michael has completed all his requirements to earn his Second Class ranking in Boy Scouts...and as long as everything works out he should earn his First Class before his birthday in March. Go Michael!

Neil has also completed his requirements to earn his Bear rank which will be awarded at our next Pack meeting and after this coming Saturday he will have earned his Religious Knot...go Neil!

Kevin and I continue to do the same things, he dons his uniform daily and Soldiers off to work and I participate in my various volunteer organizations...AFTB, FRG, Deployment Club, Cub Scouts!

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Jason & Dorshan said...

Way cool!!! Also, I really enjoyed your hubby's talk... you have such a well-rounded family!! :)