Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Old Days

Without going into too much detail, I miss the days where men would hold doors open and would help you move a table or carry some chairs. I miss the days where adults let children eat first and then men moved out of the way for women so they too could eat ahead of them.

Sadly those days are gone...

I was disappointed today in humanity.

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Barton 6 said...

Can you imagine how confusing it will be for our sons one day? Do they hold the door open and risk offending someone? Becase we both know that, sadly, there are more and more women who find such a gesture to be insulting. My husband holds the door for anyone who is behind him regardless of sex, rank, or whatever. I love that about him. It's just common curteousy. My son holds the door too but a few days ago my Hannah (7) basically let the door flop in someones face. I fussed at her and she said "but Im a girl, I dont hold doors." That little princess wrote me an essay on manners.