Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Evening of the Arts

This evening was pretty busy. The two younger boys had an Art Show at their school. It was pretty neat and the kids did a really good job on their art. Below are pics of them with their art projects on display.

Neil and his mask Daniel and his fish
Tonight was also Michael's first band concert. I was so proud of him. It took me back to my first band concert in 5th grade. Our band director was a bit more strict with us then his is with her students. A lot of things that I saw tonight would not have happened but it was still a great concert. Michael did really well and I have to say I was pretty impressed with how good they sounded. I've posted some video of a couple of the songs they played. One video is a bit unsteady, not sure what Kevin was doing but the song sounds good. Enjoy!
Michael getting ready to play in his first concert.


Bringhurst Family said...

You know that guy sitting next to Michael looks like he's wincing at the sound he's making!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

There was a girl sitting on the other side of Michael you can't see and the the boy and girl were googling at each other the whole night, LOL..they were giving each other crazy looks all night. I didn't realize it looked like he was wincing at Michael. I can tell you objectively that Michael sounded great, LOL.

Barton 6 said...

We had to miss the art show but it was all still on display today. Olivia FLIPPED OUT when she saw the mask hanging there by the office. I had to draaaaaaaaag her into the office while she is screeching "nooooooo momeeeeeeeee there mean mask!!!!!!!!"