Monday, December 17, 2007

A Long, Frustrating Day

This is my disclaimer...this is OUR blog, to write what WE want, to express OUR opinions, thoughts and whatever else we darn well please.

That said, today was a pretty eventful day for our community. The elementary school our kids attend was evacuated due to a carbon monoxide leak. Apparently it was identified around 8:30 in the morning and we did not find out until 11. I found out simply because my husband actually had a few minutes to check his email account which is not checked regularly. He called me and I called other parents, some who lived right by the school who did not know.

When I called the district I was told that I could have found out by turning on channel 17 or looking on the KISD website...well guess what I don't get channel 17 on dish and when I went to the KISD website, there was nothing about the incident.

I am well aware that notifying over 800 student's parents can be trying but there HAS TO BE a system in place. The way things were ran today was a bunch of crap. They sure do not have a problem calling on their cell phones to talk about misbehaving children.

My son watched his teacher faint and hit her head on a desk. He said it was crazy (his words). Parents of children who were taken to the hospital were not notified either.

This is upsetting to me and I've been told to be calm, to not be upset to do other things with my energy. Well, I just have to say that when you don't know what is going on with YOUR children, there's a million thoughts going through your mind and baking or shopping is not my priority. When your children are in harm's way please let me know how easy it for you to bake a cake!

Anyway, that is my vent...yes I'm still pissed about how things were ran and I expect answers. First thing tomorrow I would like a tour of all the carbon monoxide detectors in my kid's school.

Oh and apparently if you would like to know if there are any emergencies going on within the KISD area, stay glued to the TV or the internet..never leave your house and expect the least that is what I was told by the superintendents office.

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Barton 6 said...

I don't watch TV. At all. Ever. Ok, except Grey's Anatomy but that is neither here nor there. I have seen something in writing about the KISD emergency protocol and it says they will put the information on TV. I remember when I saw that thinking "well grrrrrrrreat! I hope someone calls me because I will never see that!" I think one of the biggest problems were some "official sources" spreading what turned out to be rumors. I'll rant about that in person sometime. :-D