Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Sapper!

Today our beloved Sapper is 1 years old. She is such an important part of our family..we all love her so much. Just over a year ago as we were preparing for Kevin to return from Iraq our sweet Gizmo was killed. We were devastated. I didn't think there was any way I could let another dog into our home. However, our home just didn't feel the same, we felt like a huge hole had been left. Our great and wonderful friend offered to buy us a new puppy for first we said no but as the boys continued to grieve for Gizmo we felt that a new puppy would be a good thing.

We found out that the same place where Foxie Jean was born had brand new Chihuaha puppies for sale, we headed out to see...we saw Sapper and her sister and decided that she would make a good addition to our family. We fell in love with her immediately...we didn't know how we would handle waiting over a month to bring her home. She was only 6 days old in this picture. (she's the dark puppy on top!) Thank you Nita for bringing her to our family!

Finally after over a month of waiting, we were able to go and pick up our precious little baby girl. We all immediately fell in love with her! She had a lot of spunk.

How did we come up with her name? Well her full name is Sapper Princess Albrecht. Gizmo was such a Diva, I really wanted Sapper to be as well. So I figured we'd be naming her some divaesque type name. But nothing we thought up seemed to fit her. LaNita kept advising us to let her tell us her name. So finally that's what we did. Kevin and I were talking about Bryant and mentioned the word Sapper (a Sapper is a Combat Engineer in the Army, which Bryant was for many years). She immediately looked at us...we said the word again and she seemed to respond and thus her name was Sapper...Princess came from me still wanting her to be a Diva. Well she's not a diva, lol. She's got a lot of spunk and a lot of personality and I love it! We all love her so much. She might be a tad spoiled!

We will never forget our precious Gizmo...we love and miss you!

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