Friday, November 30, 2007

My husband...the bargain shopper!

My husband made it home finally in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (notice the trend of how farewells and homecomings are rarely convenient, lol). Well, we are happy to be a family together in once place again.

Today the two of us ventured out to Wally World to finish up some Christmas shopping. I love shopping with my husband when he decides he has found a good he found Super Glue for $.10. He was very happy about this great find that he bought ALL that were left on the clearance The added bonus to that lucky find was the cool plastic containers they were stored in...yeah the lady threw those in too..woohoo! It was quite humorous because the lady at the checkout was like...uhm...that's a lot of response...yeah it is.

My husband is rarely home to go shopping with, and in all honesty he is such a wonderful provider for us that he rarely spends money on if he wants to buy a bunch of super glue who am I to stop him. If it makes him happy then he can have the glue and little containers and be happy!!!
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Bringhurst Family said...

Eden split his chin open the other night and I was wishing I had superglue and wondering if it was kosher to seal it up that way. If I find myself in NEED I suppose I could hit you up. And maybe with three boys you'll have a wound to try this out on.

Barton 6 said...

My husband would do the exact same thing. And if the army is throwing it out you better believe it will make its way into my garage. We have camo nets. The BIG ones. They were heading to the trash and my husband rescued t hem. Just in case we need camo nets to cover our entire house one day. On a bright note...when it comes to your year food and supply coverage you can now check super glue off your list!

Jared & Madelyn said...

Cute story!

WolfleyFamily said...

That's hilarious about the super glue!! Greg would be the same way :) You know, now that you mention it, I can only think of one homecoming that Greg had that was a decent time of day, it seems like all the other farewells and homecomings took place between midnight and 3AM.... what's up with that anyway??