Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I cried a lot on Thanksgiving, but not because Kevin wasn't home, although I'm sure many of the people who saw me cry would think that was the reason.  No...I cried because this beautiful girl would never have another Thanksgiving with her family.  I cried because I thought about her parents and brothers all day long and my heart just broke.  Jenavieve Phillips was an amazing girl and her life was cut way too short.  Today her family will be saying their final goodbyes to her here on earth and I can scarcely breathe thinking about it.
While thinking about her I thought about one of the families that was having Thanksgiving with us who lost their father a couple years ago to cancer.  It made me cry thinking about them not having another holiday with him.  And of course I thought about my friend LaNita for whom Thanksgiving is a difficult time since losing Bryant.  Thanksgiving was their first date ever.  So I cried...but not for me, for the many who are without their loved ones here on earth.

And while I did miss Kevin, it was okay because we spent a lot of time chatting on skype and the phone and he got to talk to so many people while at our get together.  I'm grateful that it is only distance that keeps us apart.  And I took a picture of him with us to the feast so he could be there with us in spirit!
And a feast it was!  We had so much food!  But we needed a lot of food since we had over 60 people there!

I love his face as he is checking out the goods!
 I admit I was a bit apprehensive about so many people being there but it turned out great.  We had a lot of fun and ate some great food.  And the best part was that there wasn't that much clean-up.  I love my friend who organized all of this...I don't give her nearly enough credit sometimes but she is an amazing person.  Like her husband said, she always thinks of others and it is truly a blessing.

The boys wore themselves out running around as if they were toddlers.  They jumped in the bounce house and chased each other through the building and laughed and joked and just had a great time.  It was fun watching ALL of the kids have fun.

It was indeed a day to be mindful of the blessings we have and I am blessed with wonderful people in our life.

I love this picture of him laughing

My sweet, tender boy.

I love this picture of our friend Jaime and Daniel.  They were having a great conversation.  I am so blessed with awesome people in my life who help watch over my kids.

The picture we took for Kevin

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