Friday, October 19, 2012

Fancy Hot Chocolate Maker

Earlier this year I went to visit a friend of mine in Kansas and she had this awesome Keurig.  I had heard about them before but didn't really have any interest in them as we do not drink coffee.  While visiting her, I tried one of her hot apple cider pods that go in the Keurig and it was amazing.  The concept of how little time it took for me to get the finished product and how good it was made me really want a Keurig.  Neil and Daniel had also had hot chocolate at friend's houses and thought this little machine was pretty cool.  When I saw how much they cost, I just could not rationalize buying one simply for the occasional hot chocolate or cider as those are not an everyday thing like coffee is for most people.

Last week sometime, I was having a conversation with some of the ladies who also volunteer in the same office as me and somehow these machines came up.  I mentioned how much I wanted one but just could not bring myself to buy one for occasional use.  One of the girls mentioned that they were upgrading theirs and if I wanted their old one, she would give it to me.  I jumped ALL over that!  I was so excited!

I mentioned to Neil that someone was going to give us a Keurig and he replied that he had no idea what I was talking about.  I explained what it was and how he had used one at a friend's house.  He just shrugged and said okay.  Yesterday, I told him that my friend had brought it in and I forgot to bring it home and he looked at me like I was special and said he had no idea what I was talking about.  He claimed he had no idea what a Keurig was.  That kid, he makes me laugh with his way of filtering out things that he does not deem important.  Well today, I bring it home and I have it in the truck when I mentioned to him on the way back home from picking him up from school that I think we should stop and buy some of the special k-cups for the Keurig.  He looks at me and says, "I have no idea what you are talking about."  I tell him, you know the cool machine that makes the yummy hot chocolate and apple cider.  He replies to me, "why don't you just call it a fancy hot chocolate machine!".  So that is what we will call it so he will know what I am talking about from now on!  In fact, for the rest of today that's what I called it in front of him.  I would tell Michael and Daniel and Neil would just laugh.  I love that kid.

I'm super excited about our new to us machine that will give us yummy, warm drinks!  I came right home from the commissary and made some chamomile tea!

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