Saturday, August 25, 2012

Homemade Love

Tonight was the first football game of the season for our Varsity football team.  We of course went because Michael plays in the band that performs throughout the game and also to support the team.  Neil helped out with selling Dipping Dots ice cream with the wrestling team.

After the game, Neil asked me if a friend of his could spend the night.  I said sure.  Neil was so fun tonight.  Lately he has been kind of moody and quiet but tonight he was talkative and just happy.  He said his adrenalin was rushing after a pretty intense game (and it was, we won in the last minute and a half!).
When we got home he was getting snacks for him and his friend and he was so cute.  He was asking his friend if he wanted homemade salsa that I canned.  The kid said, "Yes, I'm hispanic!" lol.  Then for some reason they started talking about pickles and Neil says, oh you have to try these pickles my  mom made, they are awesome!  Out came a jar of dill pickles I made a few weeks ago.  As they were getting their chips and salsa situated, Neil's friend noticed the bags of croutons I made last week and asked if they were homemade.  Neil said yes but what he said after that is what really made me smile (and almost cry).  He said, "My mom makes so many things homemade, it's awesome!".  His friend replied, "That is really cool."
My kids are pretty good about showing gratitude for my efforts but I love when they still think I'm awesome even when their friends are around.

I love my boys and love doing these small things that may not seem like much for others but that matter to my boys.  I am so grateful for these tender moments.

Me & Neil

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