Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

I'm not here to say that having a BBQ on  Memorial Day is a bad thing, I'll be spending the evening with some close friends of ours, enjoying each others company and remembering our Fallen friends.

One of my twitter friends posted this statement today and it said what I believe so many of us want to say in regards to the confusion that some have about Memorial Day.  "Memorial Day is special and distinct from Veteran's Day and Armed Forces Day. It is for honoring our war dead, not all who wore the uniform."  SGT Danger
 I know too many Gold Star families for whom Memorial Day is every day.  I know many Veterans and those still serving in the Armed Forces  for whom Memorial Day is every day.  

This holiday is personal for many and so when the emotions are high and they are reminding that this weekend is more than BBQ's and sales at different stores, they are simply saying, please remember.

I can't help but think today about my friend Lanita who's husband was killed in Iraq in April 2006.  I think about Amy and her four kids who lost their Soldier in Iraq in October 2008.  I think about Mary, who I met at a conference in Washington DC in early 2011, who lost her son in February 2009.  I think about Angelia, an amazing woman I met online and who inspires me, who lost her son in February 2008.  My heart aches for the families of 1SG Gonzales (Sep 2010) and 1SG Lacny (Feb 2011), both who ended their lives way too soon.  The list could go on.

It is not my intent to "depress" anyone. It is, however, my intent to encourage you to remember.... 


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