Friday, May 18, 2012

Freedom Friday: Welcome Home!

Last night was our son's final concert of the year with the high school band.  Like always the band did a magnificent job.  As much as I want to say the highlight of the evening was the music (trust me it was good, really good!), what got to all of us in the audience was when the seniors were being honored and one girl was skipped over.  I'm sure she was wondering if the band director knew his alphabet when he skipped over the T's and went on to the W's.  She was the last girl standing when he said he hadn't forgotten her, announced her name and then mentioned that someone had come a long way to see her.  You can see what happened next HERE.

I probably should have told you to grab a tissue beforehand!  I tell you, this Military lifestyle is something special, especially when you get to witness moments like this!

Welcome Home SSG Taylor!

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