Sunday, April 29, 2012

Neil & Greco/Freestyle Wrestling

Last year after the folkstyle season ended, Neil and Daniel tried doing Greco and Freestyle.  Neither of them enjoyed it very much.  As the wrestling season was coming to an end this year, both boys were unsure if they were going to try Greco and Freestyle again.  Daniel does not enjoy it, but Neil felt more prepared this time and decided he would give it a try.  He is really liking it this year and has to date wrestling in two tournaments, taking first in both freestyle and greco.  He is doing great!  Next week is state and is excited to go.  For those who don't really watch wrestling, you might not see the difference in styles but for those who do, you will see the different stances and moves.  In Greco, it's primarily upper body.  In freestyle, almost anything goes.  That made me a bit nervous but as you will see if you watch the different videos, you will see Neil can certainly hold his own.  We are very proud of the hard work Neil continues to put in and his commitment to improve daily!   

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