Friday, April 20, 2012

Neil Goes to Brute Nationals

I know you thought I was done posting about wrestling for the season after state, I thought I was too!  Neil decided after state that he just wasn't quite done and really wanted to go to Brute Nationals.  Easter weekend involved sending Kevin, Neil and Daniel off to Independence, MO for a weekend of wrestling!  If I remember correctly four or five boys from our middle school and high school teams combined went up there.  All of them placed in the top 8, achieving All-American status.  Two of them, one being Neil that were only 8th graders!
Neil actually placed 2nd!  
We are so proud of him. 
The kid he wrestled in the finals was last year's champion in the previous weight class.  I am constantly amazed at how far Neil has come in only his second year of wrestling!
I am posting this particular match for two reasons.  It's a good match and it's the one that sent him into the finals and because Daniel video taped it and it nearly made me cry listening to his commentary, it is quite touching.  At one point he said he wasn't even sure if the video tape was on Neil because his hands were shaking so bad from being nervous.  It really melted my heart.  I love how my boys support one another.

Neil in deep thought.

Kevin and the boys really enjoyed their time at this tournament.  They got to go to clinics with some great wrestlers.  They had a clinic with Ricky & Rocky Bonomo.  


The boys also helped out the second day by working tables during the Fan Fest.  
Kevin got some great loot for being a coach including a wrestling book and really nice jacket. 

 He also received a free t-shirt for being the coach of a finalist.  Neil was excited because one of the perks of being a finalist was getting a special Brute singlet.

A couple of my favorite pictures of some of our boys being boys!

Daniel was going to wrestle in the tournament too but decided to wait until next year.  He felt he could use another year under  his belt for this type of tournament.  He still had a great time being with his daddy and his brother!
One of the fun activities the boys got to do.  This is Jaycie and Neil!

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