Monday, March 05, 2012

Wrestling: One Step Closer to State!

I know you all have been missing my wrestling's okay, you can admit it!

This past weekend was districts and the "time to get serious" as coach put it at practice last week. Neil went in seeded #2 in his weight class and Daniel #3. We knew both boys had what it takes to get past this stage and on to regionals. Top 6 from each weight class would move on. We had 30 out of our 40 boys who registered for Districts move on! That's awesome! Regionals will be tough, they will only take the top 4 of each bracket to state.

Neil had a great day, I really think going to Liberty Nationals was the confidence boost he needed. He went out there on a mission and walked out District Champion! The last kid he wrestled even told his coach..."this kid is good." It certainly made this mama smile.

Daniel didn't have a great day, in fact it was like he regressed a bit on the mat. It was frustrating to watch him go back to looking like he did last year (last year WAS a rough year for him!). Not sure if he just didn't try because he knew all the kids in his bracket would go to regionals since there were only six of them or what but it irritated Kevin and I. In fact in the videos, I had to chuckle at myself for yelling at him. I didn't berate him but you could hear my frustration when he wasn't doing what I know he knows to do. He even laughed at me when he watched the videos that night. He kept telling us..."I know, I know!" Well I hope he does know because next week if he wrestled like he did Saturday, that will be the end of his season. He finished 5th. We are still very proud of him, we just know what he is capable of. We do give him credit on his first match which was a tough one. The kid beat him earlier this year and pretty much destroyed Daniel in the first 45 seconds of the match. This time, Daniel held on until the end...Daniel lost but that kid won tired. He did pin his final opponent so we saw a glimpse of the Daniel we know can wrestle better. Overall a good day and one step closer to state!

The boys picked out the songs for their videos this week and I apologize upfront, it wasn't until after I finished Neil's that I realized it has one bad word in it. Sorry.

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