Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sick Kid

My kids rarely get sick, for this I feel truly blessed. Because they don't get sick often, when they do feel under the weather, we typically don't give them any medication and let whatever is in their system run it's course usually cutting the recovery time way down. Neil has had a cold for a while. It comes and goes. Some of the other wrestlers are fighting the same thing. I think that because they put their bodies through so much, they haven't really allowed themselves to recover the way they need to. With the big tournaments coming up, the training/practice has increased. We don't allow our boys to starve themselves but they are watching what they eat. They are eating very healthy but I wonder if some days they still aren't getting the calories they need.

Neil woke up Monday feeling terrible. I let him stay home and rest, hoping it would pass. Tuesday he felt better and went to school and wrestling practice. When I got to the school that afternoon he said he felt awful during practice. He also complained about one of the other kids going "too hard". I knew then that he must really not be feeling well because he rarely complains about kids being crazy at practice. Wednesday he woke up and went to school but said he wasn't going to practice because he didn't feel strong enough. I told him that was fine.

I don't want to come across as the parent who pushed their kid through injury or illness but I would be very sad if he had to end his season now as we were rolling into regionals and state because he was sick. He stayed home to allow his body to rest. He's been upping the vitamin C and drinking lots of fluids. We believe in the laying on of hands for healing and a couple of men from our church came last night to leave him with a blessing. I felt so much better afterwards.

It was a rough night, I could see he was miserable even after being given meds. He went to bed fairly early. He was coughing and tossing and turning. About 1 a.m., I could tell the sickness had broke. He was breathing better and he finally fell into a nice sleep with even breathing. He was still a little congested this morning but he looked and said that he felt so much better. He drank some tea with honey and went off to school.

I don't like it when my kids get sick, I often feel so helpless. I am grateful for strong men in our church who come out to help bless a sick child and the faith of that child w hen it comes to the blessing. I know Neil will be okay this weekend and he will continue towards good health and finish his wrestling season strong.

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