Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scout Break or Spring Break?

This past week was Spring Break here at beautiful FLW. And really for the most part it was beautiful! Beautiful summerish weather, even amidst a few rainstorms. We really had no big plans, many people like to travel during spring break, we like to be lazy. It turned out that we didn't really get to be lazy, instead we did a lot of Scout stuff. It was all Big Boy Scout stuff as I call them, with the older Scouts. Michael is thisclose to finishing all his merit badges for his Eagle Scout and I wanted to focus our time on that.

We spent Monday being pretty lazy. I made buttons for some of the wrestling kids and Michael's debate team. We also ate a lot of junk. Here is what we realized...we don't like a lot of junk. My kids might be a little spoiled with fresh, homemade food because they did not really care for the stuff from the frozen food section. That makes me happy. We thought it would be fun to just divulge and it turns out we'd rather eat good, healthy food.

Tuesday, myself and one of the other Scout leaders took 12 boys to the state capitol in Jefferson City! It started off quite adventurous when one of the kids puked in my truck. Let's just say I do not do puke well. Thankfully this kid cleaned it up himself and only hit the door and himself which were easy enough to clean up. Once we got past that little adventure, the rest of the day was smooth sailing. I know everyone has heard time and time again how much I love the Scouts but I do. I had such a great time with them. They are some of the best boys I know!

Wednesday was another lazy day in our home. We pretty much just hung out all day being lazy. When Neil and Daniel went off to wrestling practice that evening, Michael and I ventured off to the store, that was about as productive as we were that day.

Thursday, Neil got a new ID card and then I went on a hunt for a flank short ribs that apparently do not exist in this area for a Korean dish I wanted to make. That afternoon the boys headed out to a campout and I went in to the USO for a bit to help them with sign-ups for a huge baby shower were are going to put on for 100 women in May! I didn't get to be too lonely that night though since I had to teach a class and go to a meeting.

Friday the boys were still camping and I did some Scout stuff of my own. I finished all the new unit paperwork for our new Troop and Pack. I am so proud of myself, the district and council people said I had one of the best packets they had ever seen from someone who wasn't a professional Scouter (paid staff). I guess nagging members of our ward paid off!

While I was at that meeting, I got a call from a friend letting me know that another friend's dog had went missing that morning. Mercury is the USO mascot here and she was startled by the Army band that was practicing in the parking lot that morning. She ran off and hasn't been seen since. I spent most of Friday afternoon/evening walking around post looking for her, but unfortunately she is still missing.

Saturday I went in and helped out at the USO to help free up the manager so she could go looking for her dog some more. The boys returned from camping and we watched the NCAA wrestling championships on TV.

Overall, it was a relaxing but fun week. It didn't go by too fast or two slow and we can feel someone accomplished. This week is all about focusing on this coming weekend which is the big State tournament for Neil. So it will be watching weight, eating healthy and practicing hard!

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