Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neil: "Why I am going to be state champ!"

I took this picture at the beginning of the season

Neil and the other wrestlers who qualified for state were given this homework assignment from their coach today. They had to write 5 reasons they are going to be state champs! Here are Neil's reasons!

Reason 1. Because I am a Waynesville Wrestler (great way to butter up to the coach son!)

Reason 2. I train harder than my opponent (he does train hard...sometimes twice a day, 3-5 times a week)

Reason 3. I have the best coaching staff in the state, teaching me the best moves (we do have a great coaching staff)

Reason 4. I have most the heart out of everyone. (He does have heart, he puts all he has into every match)

Reason 5. I am more physically and mentally prepared than everyone there. (He is pretty focused on training physically and mentally, if you believe, you will achieve!)

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