Saturday, January 07, 2012

Wrestling like a BEAST!

Someday I might go back in time and post about our NYE, but for now I am overflowing with such happiness on how well my boys did at their wrestling tournament today! I have to admit that I was not feeling the whole wrestling thing yesterday and this morning. I contemplated not going. Our oldest son is at a debate tournament and I felt bad that we weren't there to cheer him on (though it's not really a cheering kind of event) and considered just staying home to make it somewhat fair (at least in my mind!). However, I rolled out of bed this morning and we hit the road bright and early to the tournament that is about an hour and a half away.

It's really interesting the dynamics of our boys and their wrestling. I admit that most people look at Daniel and don't really take him seriously. He has definitely improved since he started last year but he isn't what you would call a "natural athlete". He definitely has the heart of champion and he gives his all but in most cases he just doesn't excel like Neil does. I find myself feeling a lot of mommy guilt for not giving Daniel enough credit. Today he was a BEAST! He went into this tournament on a mission and showed all of us just what he was capable of. He won all of his matches and not only did he win but he won all of them by PIN! He got a lot of compliments from his teammates and his coaches, all of whom he respects a lot. I can tell you that even hours later, my heart is still overflowing with pride! He took first in his bracket and smiled the whole time!
Neil had a good day as well. He placed third. I often wonder if we don't put more pressure on him than we need to because he is a natural athlete. Everyone from coaches, to teammates to friends and us, his parents, we all expect a lot from him. He too puts a lot of pressure on himself. There is one kid he has had to wrestle quite often and almost every time that kid beats Neil. Neil found himself losing to him again today and then had to wrestle him for 3rd place. I was trying hard not to put too much pressure on him, but I KNEW he could beat him. I'm sure he got sick of hearing that from everyone so in his last match, he beat the kid by points. Overall Neil had a great day and we are so proud of him.

I think what I love most was how Neil and Daniel went and watched each others matches and cheered each other on. It's amazing that a year ago I wasn't sure I was ready to be a wrestling mama and now I couldn't be prouder!

Let's go all the way to state boys!

P.S. I will post the videos from their tournament today when they are done loading!

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Fireball and Thrillhouse said...

LOVED watching all the videos. Thanks for posting them. Trent and Spencer were captivated too. haha I can't imagine all the pressure. It is such an intimating sport!