Monday, January 23, 2012

It's So Easy to Get Spoiled

Ugh, I can't even believe that I am writing this entry but I'm all about being real and this is me being real.

Kevin is TDY this week, he was tasked with escorting two Soldiers from our Brigade to compete for an NCO/Soldier of the Year event. He'll just be gone this week. You would think when he told me he was leaving for a week that he told me he was deploying for another year. No, I didn't have a breakdown or anything but I instantly thought, crap, what a week for him to be gone when we have so much on the calendar with the kids and with my volunteer obligations.

It's funny, for pretty much a decade I never really thought twice about "needing" Kevin. I know that sounds bad but his schedule was so unpredictable that I just always figured I'd be on my own. Even our first year and half here, I still had a hard time believing he really was home and that he really was available to help me when I needed it. Well I've gotten pretty comfortable with having him around. Having him help me take the boys here and there and doing various errands. He works about a quarter mile from our house and that has been SOOOO nice, plus our youngest son's school is about 1/2 mile from his office. It's been so nice having him around.

I didn't realize how comfortable I had gotten and how easy it was to get spoiled. I know the week will fly by and I'm happy that those two Soldiers have him as their sponsor. He really is a great Soldier and loves taking care of Soldiers so I hope they will see him as an asset to their journey through this competition. He is doing what he loves and even when I'm "that" wife for just a moment, I can still see the big picture.

I just want to ask one more question though..."Is it Friday yet?"

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Paula said...

Isn't it crazy that we live a life that makes us think we're "spoiled" by having our husbands living in the same house? Only a military spouse would understand.
I am with you... TDYs never come at a good time, but at least it's not a deployment. Here's hoping the week flies for you!