Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

*Warning! - Long post ahead and picture overload!*
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Yeah, it's two days after Christmas and I have been a total bum! I really have just enjoyed being lazy and doing nothing! Yesterday I pretty much laid in bed all day reading and I enjoyed every second of it! Well, I did go to the eye doctor in the morning and got new glasses and contacts ordered but aside from that I did nothing all day. Sometimes I think we just need to do that.

I finally decided to be somewhat productive today and actually got out of bed and uploaded pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We were truly blessed this holiday to be together and to be able to serve others at the same time. I guess our holiday started on Thursday when Santa came through housing and did a Candy Cane Toss. My boys enjoyed it just as much at the little kids! It was quite exciting when we walked out of the house to see Santa when we heard the sirens and my MIL let the door close behind us and managed to lock us out. Luckily, we had left the bathroom window open so we just shoved Daniel through and he saved the day! We then joined some friends and went caroling at the nursing home in one of the surrounding towns. It was a lot of fun. The kids performed The Nativity and we sang songs to go along with the story. I really enjoyed watching the men and women sing along with us. Afterwards, we went to our friend's house and enjoyed some wonderful goodies and lots of laughs. Kevin and our friend Dave put on some wigs and let me tell you, I don't think I have laughed so hard in a very long time. The kids didn't really know how to react to their dad's being so silly! They were HILARIOUS!

Friday we just relaxed at home and tried out the new steakhouse in town, had a great meal and then went and got the boys new socks and underwear...yeah they really were excited about it! Only my kids would be excited about new underclothing...haha

Christmas Eve we headed over to the USO to help serve a full Christmas dinner to the Soldiers who stayed behind. We had a blast! I love that our family can serve in so many ways and our boys truly enjoy being at the USO. We also got to witness a special homecoming of Soldiers returning from Afghanistan at the field house next door to the USO. It was a great Christmas present for all involved. I love homecomings!
That night we went over to some friend's house for a wonderful meal and just chatted throughout the evening. The kids put on The Nativity again and we got quite a chuckle out of it, they really were cute. We are so blessed with such great people in our lives to share special holidays with.
We came home and each of the boys got to open one gift. They each opened their 2011 ornament. Every year we get them a new ornament that represents something about them during the year. The boys all loved their ornaments! I know I will be sad the day they all move out and start their own families and take their ornaments with them!

Christmas Day was a fun yet simple day. We got up, got dressed and were all ready for church in record time! We told the boys if they thought they could open all their presents before we had to leave to be at church on time then they could! Well they managed to have them all open with about 6 minutes to spare, lol. I admit we spoiled our kids a bit this year and they pretty much all got everything they asked for. We just feel blessed to be where we are. Kevin and I were happy with our gifts and honestly just seeing our kids happy is such a joy!

I promise Daniel is happy, even if he doesn't look like it! lol
After church, we ventured over to the USO to help hand out gifts to the Soldiers. Daniel loves to do this, he did it last year and now wants to do it every year. It was a lot of fun seeing the Soldiers so excited about things like Slim Jim's and Kool-aid chapstick! Michael helped one of the USO volunteers who we have grown to love so much bake all the cookies they were going to serve the Soldiers. I feel so blessed to have such great examples of service for my kids to see.

We truly had a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed. Through it all we remembered those who were far away from home, serving overseas while their families missed them this holiday season. We are truly grateful for the men and women who serve in the Military, sacrificing their own luxuries and freedoms to protect ours. Thank you is not enough!

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Merry Christmas Nadine! What a wonderful day. Have a great New Year!