Friday, August 05, 2011

Swimming Lessons...No Thanks

During the past couple weeks, we have spent some time at the pool. At Scouts and with the Children's Program at our church, we have had some really fun water activities. Daniel had to do quite a few activities to mark off some things in his Webelos book for Cub Scouts. I had to chuckle a little bit because as I was watching him, he has no real technique, he has just figured out how to stay afloat and tread water. For years I have asked him if he wants to take swimming lessons and he always says nicely..."no thanks". I suppose I could really push the issue and just sign him up but I don't believe in torturing my kids by pushing them into doing things and risk the chance of traumatizing them for life (I have seen many parents do this to their children and now their children won't go near water).

So Daniel did all the things that were required (perhaps a little slower and with less finesse) and I was so proud of him, he never quit. I asked him again as he drug his tired little body out of the water after swimming 75 meters if he wanted to take swimming lesson...his routine response.."no thanks".

Despite the fact that he isn't the strongest swimmer out there, the child has no real fear jumping off diving boards. He had quite a bit of fun jumping, attempting flips and doing dives that resembled belly flops. But he has fun. Maybe when he's older he'll finally take some lessons...or maybe he'll just continue with his calm and simple.."no thanks".

Just a few snapshots!

And a couple of Michael, just because...
Poor Neil didn't get to join in the fun because he was still recovering from having his tonsils removed. We spoiled him a bit with as many popsicles as one could tolerate and a TV at his bedside!

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