Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scout Camp 2011

I'm a little late in posting this since the boys have been home for over a week now but we had company and surgery and I just haven't stopped to really blog.

The boys all went to Scout Camp this year...ALL of my boys..that includes Kevin and my three boys. It was a very lonely week, I will admit that I did not enjoy being alone for a whole week. Everyone kept telling me they would relish in the joy of it but I really love my family and love being with them.

That being said, they all had a great time! I just love the boys in our Boy Scout Troop. They all get along so well and they just know how to have fun. I love how they watch out for one another and most of all I love how our adult leaders interact with them. We have great adult leaders who love these boys so much and try their hardest to help them in Scouts and in life.

Five of our boys got tapped out for Order of the Arrow. What I loved most besides watching the boys reactions when their names were called was that all boys agreed that they wanted to do their OA campout at the same time. It's an individual accomplishment but they really want to go at the same time to support one another.

Daniel isn't really old enough to go to Boy Scout Camp but since he's the Scoutmaster's son he was able to go and hang out. He had fun. Towards the middle of the camp I knew he was tired because he cried when I left to go home after family night. He was sobbing so hard it just broke my heart but he did not want to come home. I knew he would be okay after a good night's sleep but for a minute there I almost borrowed a cot to sleep out there with him just to make him feel better.

Michael & Neil had a great time too. They really grew as young men and we received many compliments about how they helped the younger boys.

Kevin...what can I say about this amazing man I get to call my husband. I only wish these boys knew how much he truly cares for them. He has a pretty tough exterior but he goes out of his way to help these boys reach their full potential.

We only had like 1400 pictures (hehehe) but since I don't really like posting pics of other people's kids, here are just a few.

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