Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goodbye Tonsils, Hello Good Sleep

For years we have struggled with getting a doctor to take us seriously about Neil and how poorly he sleeps at night. He would snore like three grown men and we could hear him waking himself up because he couldn't catch his breath. Add to that the constant sore throats and sinus issues and he just really struggled. When we moved here, we were finally referred to the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist and he said his large tonsils really needed to come out.
Yesterday was the day they came out. Neil did fabulous (well as fabulous as one can do when all they do is fall asleep with the drugs, haha). No seriously, his recovery is going very well. We heard so much about how horrible it was going to be because he's a little bit older. I had quite a bit of anxiety going into it but he is doing remarkably well. In face, we have to remind him he has had surgery and force him to take it easy. He is enjoying being pampered with as much Gatorade, popsicles and mashed potatoes as one kid can stand. Add to that a TV at his bedside and us running at his every text (yes, I said text, gotta love technology, he just sends us a text when he needs something).

Our entire surgery staff was excellent! Only one of us could go back into the room to get him prepped (a little frustrating but understandable) but we both go to go to recovery with him. He had an excellent nurse who was with him from the time he got out of surgery until he was discharged. His surgeon was our Cub Scout Day Camp medic so it was nice to have someone who had a small personal relationship with Neil (although I know even without that small connection he still would have taken excellent care of him). Overall it was a great experience and Neil is doing well and resting.

We just pray that he continues to heal well and quickly so he can resume his normal activities and get ready for the football season!

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USMCWIFE said...

Sorry I missed this, I am sure you were so nervous as I would be. I am happy someone finally took you seriously and he will now hopefully get some relief and I am sure his future (way off) wife will be grateful for the lack of snoring!! Tell him to get well quick from the Hartings!