Monday, December 06, 2010

Hit the Mat!

Wrestling has officially invaded our home! Both Neil and Daniel have decided to do wrestling this winter. Neil is wrestling with his school and Daniel with the community wrestling club. Neil has already wrestled in 4 matches, his record right now is 5-2. Not bad considering this is his first year wrestling. He is really enjoying it. I thought it would be incredibly nerve wracking watching my boys wrestle, but it's quite fun. It's way intense, especially if my husband is sitting next to me hollering in the stands!

Kevin was a wrestler in high school (his mom sent his pics from junior high and high school last week, I'll have to scan some!) and so this is right up his alley. To say he is proud of his boys would be an understatement!

Here are a few pics!

Daniel at wrestling practice (I blurred the pic because I don't like posting pics of other people's children)

And below is Neil and one his matches!

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