Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day 2010

I snapped this pic this morning at the Veterans Day Parade we went to. Our oldest son Michael marched in the parade with his JROTC group. We are very proud parents. He looked so handsome in his uniform. I love Veterans Day and I feel privileged to know so many people who have served. I feel blessed to have served myself and had the opportunity to build amazing relationships. I know real heroes, I call them my friends. It is an amazing feeling to be married to someone who has served his country honorably for over 20 years, two decades and he's still going! Our family is blessed with a history of service. My uncle served, my brothers served, Kevin's dad served. Kevin has numerous uncles and other people in his family who have served. What a blessing it has been.

Looking at our son in his uniform, I had such pride. All three of our boys have expressed a desire to follow in our footsteps and serve as well. We don't know for sure if it will happen but we are proud of their desire right now.

We went to Applebees and had lunch, we got three free lunches, they told Michael his lunch was free since he was in uniform. (One lady thought he was a basic trainee, *gasp*, mama was not ready to hear that!)
I love that our country recognizes the sacrifices of those who have served to protect our freedom. There have been times where there was a lack of support for our Troops and it saddens me. Today we sat across from a World War II/Korean War Veteran. We were humbled in his presence. Kevin chatted with him for a bit. They both served with the 25th Infantry Division. I love that even through generations people can be connected through a bond of service.
Today was a great day that we got to spend together as a family, talking about service and gratitude. I feel blessed to live in a nation that is because of brave men and women who serve.

God Bless Our Men and Women who serve and who have served, we salute you!

Loved this video, it's one of my favorite Army Cadences

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Thank you girl. Oh my goodness that was awesome(: