Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Pic, October 2010

I'm 10 months into my Family Pics 2010 project. I thought I'd share what I go through to get a "good" picture each month. I will say that my family does humor me and I love them so much for it!
Take 1 - Michael and Neil have this tough guy stance going on "don't mess with my family or else!"
Take 2 - Daniel had major cheesy grin here

Kevin giving the boys a pep talk "Come on guys, she'll keep going until she gets one she likes!"
Take 3 - I admit this one was my fault, I was laughing so hard at what Kevin was telling the boys in the pep talk "Just SMILE!!!!"

The final pic..I'll take it...I truly am blessed!

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hjsmith said...

I love the pictures all of them(: My goodness how the boys have grown(: I added you to my family blog under friends. I hope you are all doing great(: Where are you guys right now? We are at Fort Polk in Louisiana, then who knows right(: Love the family pics. I also like the idea. It takes so much to get family pictures done(: That one I do understand too(: