Saturday, August 07, 2010

Total Blog Slacker!

Wow...I have been such a blog slacker. Both in writing and in reading. Since coming back from vacation I have been crazy busy! The main organization that I volunteer for has been so busy. Our Army Family Team Building program here is far busier than I ever imaged it to be. I mean I came from the largest Army post in the free world, shouldn't we be busier there?

But like I said, things have been hectic. Plus I have three boys I am getting ready to go back to school (and I'm so sad about that, I love my boys). Kevin is headed off again for another adventure in the Army. BTW, thanks Army for taking him away for yet another first day of school, my boys really appreciate that!

Being so busy with volunteer work I contemplated going back to work full time. I have a good resume built and enough reference letters that I really feel that I could get a good job. Kevin and I talked about it and decided we should pray on it. Then we thought we should ask the boys and they all said NO...they are not ready for me to go back to work. They want me to be home when they get home. Even with as busy as I have been with volunteering they like the flexibility and they like that I can take them with me a lot of the time. So there was the answer, loud and clear, it's not my time and I'm okay with that.

So again, I'm a blog slacker but I am doing worthwhile things. I am hoping to get on more and blog and also visit people's blogs.

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