Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Camp 2010

Another Cub Scout Day Camp complete. This was Daniel's 2nd year of going to Day Camp. It kind of makes me sad to think that next year will be his last year. But he has Boy Scout camp to look forward to after that. This year all of us except Kevin went for most of it. He got to come out a bit yesterday and was able to attend family day today. Michael and Neil worked as Den Chiefs and did so well, we are so proud of the work they did. For two days they ran a station all on their own. Yesterday, Michael switched out with another boy and helped on the Archery Range. Daniel had a blast, he got to do so many awesome events like archery, bb gun shooting, crafts, woodworking, leather work and lots of games.

This year I was asked to help at the craft station. If you know me crafts are not my thing but it was fun. I think next year though I'll go back to being a walking den leader, it's just way more fun than watching kids color and pour sand all over the table.

It was a fun time overall. I didn't get to take as many pics myself but I handed over my camera to Daniel's den leader and combined we took over 700 pictures, lol. Here is a small sampling of what the boys did.

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