Tuesday, June 08, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 4

Favorite Book

This one is hard because I love to read! I could talk to you and say...oh that's my favorite book and tomorrow I'd say that another one is.

My two very favorite books though are "Little Women" and "Bridge to Terabithia". And neither movies do the books justice.

Neil's favorite books are anything that do with Presidents, I don't even know how many President books we have.

Kevin's favorite book is "We Were Soldiers". Can I tell you how cool I am that I met Joe Galloway and he even talked to Kevin on the phone when he was in Iraq and I was having a book signed by him. You can read about that HERE.

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John, Heather, Emma, Lily & Jana said...

Random comment....I would NEVER in a million years have guessed that Little Women was one of your favorite books LOL! Love your "layers"!