Monday, June 21, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 16

Day 16: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

This song always takes me back to the day my husband deployed to Iraq in December 2005. I remember sitting at home after I had put my boys to bed and looked at the many pictures I had taken that day. I remember hearing this song and thinking it would be a perfect song for the pictures so I made the video below. I cried while making the video. I shared it with the many families in our unit and most of their responses to it mentioned tears.

Now when I hear this song, the images from this video go through my mind. I get that ache in my chest when you try to hold back the tears. War is harsh on Military Families.

I am also adding this video, it has many pics from the day before and the day they left that warm, sunny day in Texas. This video makes my heart ache too, I invested a lot of emotion into these Soldiers. I still think of many of them often. I listen to this song and think of the Soldiers and I smile through the tears.

The bottom line for both of these songs I guess is summed up in this quote...

"In war, there are no unwounded Soldiers." ~Jose Narosky


Paula said...

I started to watch the videos and realized I probably wouldn't get through them.
I too, have said too many good-byes and made way too many slide shows of leaving, the year gone and the welcoming home.
HOOAH to you and your family for all you do.

Mrs. Wifey said...

It was too hard for me to watch sorry :(

I am a new Army wife. My husband is away to Basic Training and then off to Officer Candidate School. I am new to this way of life, but I am trying to adjust. Thanks to all the military spouse blogs like yours that I have found. Hopefully, I wont pull my hair out before he is back in my arms -:) Now following your blog!

Musings Of An Army Wife

Amy said...

love the video. who sings the song? it sounds like lionel richie?

Diamond in the Rough said...

You are amazing! What a beautiful tribute both are. You are AMAZINLY talented.