Thursday, June 17, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 13

A fictional book..

Our youngest son Daniel LOVES these books, he has read them all and has seen the movie. I think they are kind of silly. I'm usually pretty strict about the books the boys read because I don't want them reading books with no real substance. They do read a few comic books but I don't like to buy them books based on TV shows or cartoons. I was hesitant at first to buy these books and I know there are many parents who think they are horrible for kids but Daniel enjoyed them, he didn't learn anything bad from them and they were fun.

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Christy said...

My sons read the first one, he read it in just a couple hours while I was in the hospital after having his baby brother last month! We just went and saw the movie last week and it was really cute and actually followed the book very well. There were 2 small scenes that could have left out, but otherwise it was good.
It's definitely a book series of boy humor, and I think that's why us Moms don't quite get it and think it's silly, but silly is good and GOD made us to be silly at times and I'm so thankful my boys remind me of that often (my little girl too). :)