Thursday, May 06, 2010

Father/Son Campout

Last Friday was our Father/Son Campout with our church. Kevin has been looking forward to this for a while now. It's been a few years since he has been able to take the boys (and we have been very grateful to the men who have stepped in and have taken our boys in the past).

Everyone was a little concerned because bad weather was supposed to hit and to be honest it did hit. While I was on the phone with one person, my power actually flickered as thunder and lighting could be heard and seen outside. Some people turned back and went home but not my husband. He knew it would clear up and it did. They had a great time camping. The participated in a flag retirement ceremony which is pretty neat. Our boys have been blessed to be a part of quite a few since joining Scouts and have always felt honored to disperse of our nation's colors in such a reverent manner.

While the boys were out playing in the rain, I went and hung out with some of the women who's husband and sons were out playing in the rain too. We watched a good movie and ate lots of junk. Overall it was a great night for everyone!

I'm not posting too many pictures because there aren't many of our boys alone and I try not to post pics of other people's kids unless I know them really well and know they are okay with it.

That's Daniel in there...somewhere...

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