Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Camporee 2010

Kevin and the two older boys went out on the Spring Camporee for our District this past weekend. I don't know who was more excited to tell me about the events, the boys or Kevin. I am so proud of the hard work they have all put into the Scouting program here. For those who have been reading our blog for a while now know we LOVE Scouting! This troop is a lot different than our last one and it's had its challenges but I think this last campout was a huge turning point in the direction Kevin wants to take the troop.

They all came home exhausted but so full of pride. All the boys and even the dads who went out to help were talking about how much fun they had. One boy who has been in the troop for a while even said it was the funnest campout he has EVER been to! Wow. When Kevin was telling me about the boys and how well they did, I wanted to cry, he was so proud of them.

Because our troop hasn't been that strong in the past, I think some of the boys didn't think they were in the running for any of the events or the overall competition of Best Troop or whatever it was they called it. Well the boys (many for whom this campout was their first or second Boy Scout event EVER) came in 3rd runner up. hear Kevin tell it, they came in first.

Kevin is so proud of ALL the boys but to hear him talk about our boys Michael and Neil. Man, I think I might have started to cry. Michael was tapped out for Order of the Arrow at the campout. It's a huge honor because you are nominated by your peers, adult leadership has nothing to do with it. Michael was nominated in our last Troop but he wasn't old enough so it really means a lot. Kevin said that Neil really cheered on his brother as they were doing nominations. That makes me so happy to see them supporting one another. And really they do, all three of our boys are ALWAYS helping each other out in Scouting. They all have such a passion for the Scouting program, we only hope that it continues.

I am so excited that Kevin gets to do this with our boys. I have had the privilege to serve in some form of leadership throughout all my kids time in Cub Scouting and this is the first time Kevin has been home long enough to really do this with the boys. It truly is a blessing in our lives.
The boys had to create their own Spirit Stick. Here is a picture of theirs (not the best pic) and the write up that went with it.
The bell stands for the ringing of our voices in motivation of our fellow Scouts.
The leather is what binds us together, it represents our friendship.
The beads stand for our accomplishments as a group.
The wood of our Spirit Stick stands for our leaders.
The feathers mean we fly to Celestial Worlds on high together.
The names on our Spirit Stick stand for the Scouts that came to this campout.
The word Dragons is our Patrol name and is a representations of the Dragons in our hearts.

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USMCWIFE said...

That is really awesome. Too bad we don't hear more about the good the Boy Scouts do. I am learning about it from you as you post and I think there should be more out there about it.We spend too much time on what bad kids are doing and not the good. What great lessons to learn and what a great dad your boys have for guiding them along. And you as well because I know you are active with them too.