Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hello Braces, Goodbye Cast!

Poor Neil, he recovers from one painful experience and walks into another. Yesterday he went in to get his braces. He will be wearing them for 18-24 months and he is pretty sore right now. He picked black and blue for around his brackets.

Today he got his cast off after a month. Thankfully Kevin took him in (gosh, I love having him around to help with these types of things). According to both Neil and Kevin, he had quite the stinky leg/foot! I think Neil is looking forward to a nice bath, he'll be soaking his leg for while to get rid of the stinkiness.

He'll be in the walking boot for 2 more weeks and if he doesn't have any pain, he'll be free and clear. I know he is quite happy to be done with the crutches, but it is taking some time to get used to walking again and the boot is a bit higher than his shoe so he is still off balance a bit.

His brothers are happy to have him off his crutches (mostly I think so he can go back to doing his own chores!).

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