Sunday, April 11, 2010


I try hard to be honest in my dealings with people. I never want people to think I'm not trustworthy or that I'm a fake. I will admit that I'm often TOO honest and believe me that gets me in trouble plenty (and I'm working on controlling that daily).

Today I lost respect for a couple people because of their actions. I hate when I lose faith in people because they compromise their credibility. It also saddens me that people do that. I just don't understand it.

With both these situations I felt angry at first and then was upset because I couldn't understand why I let it bother me and I realized later that it was because I couldn't understand why both of these people did things so mundane that had such big consequences. It hurt that I lost respect for both these people over something so small.

But that is life and part of human nature. We all make mistakes. I know I make them. I try hard not to lose my integrity and my credibility, because I do believe that they truly are the foundation of character.

Today was a lesson for me to reevaluate who I am and my actions. To ask myself if the things I do and say are worth the consequences, most of the time I know the answer to that will be no.

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HellcatBetty said...

I'm sorry hon :( It always sucks when you realize people aren't what they seem. I love how honest you are... it's refreshing to find someone who just tells it like it is without all the extra crap.