Monday, March 15, 2010


Every Monday on Twitter, it's #MilitaryMon, where we support our Troops one tweet at a time. I love it, I've "met" some of my funnest and coolest friends through #MilitaryMon. The thing I love the most is that the people you meet through #MilitaryMon all have one common goal. To support our Troops and their families. It's pretty awesome.

Anyway, today for #MilitaryMon, I want to share a photo essay one of my #MilPeeps shared with us yesterday. It's a Soldier's journey from enlistment to deployment and back. What I love the most about this particular essay is that it's real, very real. It shows the Soldier's personal struggles with many thing.

Captured: Ian Fisher : American Soldier

So happy #MilitaryMon to you but remember, Support Our Troops and their Families EVERYDAY!

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David Scott said...

"Support Our Troops." Used early in the invasion and occupation of Iraq as a counter to the growing anti-war movement, this patriotic slogan has since undergone a metamorphosis. As the scores of mentally disturbed soldiers return from the battle fields to their home-towns and try to re-integrate into society, their friends and families are learning that no amount of support can ever heal the psychological wounds that soldiers suffer. I invite you to my political discussion blog: I especially like to receive comments from those who disagree with me…