Monday, March 08, 2010

I Still Don't Like The Hurt Locker

Even after it won 6 academy awards and some of the acceptance speeches included shout outs to our Troops, I still say I don't like it. That will not change, no matter how many people ask me why or try to get me to "understand" why they do. I don't like it.

You can check out my review and the reviews of a couple other Military Spouses HERE.

After a few "discussions" with others trying to nitpick at my position on the movie, I'd like to add this...

Most of the Military personnel I know who dislike this movie acknowledge that it's Hollywood. No one is arguing that. We all know that they change things to make it more exciting. It was a good movie, a good action flick. Is it a great Military movie? Not in my opinion.

I would have to say that most Soldiers (those still serving) take it personal because many have lost close friends in these current campaigns. Anything that has to do with our lifestyle is personal when you think of it from that perspective. And considering that most of our Service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have done so multiple times, you'll find few that haven't lost someone.

When you think about that sacrifice, it's personal because those characters are more then just Hollywood to the many who feel offended, they are their brothers and sisters who's names are on memorial walls, bracelets, tattoos, etc....

You'll see the split in opinions between Veterans and those still serving, and even amongst the Veterans depending on when they served.

Again, no one is disputing that's it's Hollywood. To our many men and women who currently serve or have served in the campaign documented, it is personal because this is their story in one way or another.

I also want to say that I would have still hated the movie but it would have been way cool to have a little action behind those shout outs. Like donating some of the proceeds to Military families...the fallen or the wounded. And maybe they have, I tried to find out if they had and came up with nothing.

So, I just want to say...I didn't like The Hurt Locker and if you did, that's okay...I respect your opinion and simply ask that you respect mine.

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