Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday My Love!

Today our Soldier turns 39 and guess what his best gift is? He's home! He hasn't been home for his birthday since 2005! We feel so blessed to have him home for his special day.

I love you baby...wishing you lots of happiness into the next year!

P.S. I think he still looks hot at 39!


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USMCWIFE said...

LOL that is funny. Greg and I have spent 2 of his birthdays together in our 16 year marriage. Seems the Marines always need him somewhere on his birthday. His first one we missed he was in bootcamp and than it just became a trend. We were together on his birthday after 9/11 even though we weren't supposed to be. His birthday is in September and he was supposed to fly to DC for training but because of 9/11 he couldn't get a flight on time so he actually left on his we spent a few hours I will count that as day together!