Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chemical Corps and Army Songs by CBRN SLC 01-10

*Note- please pause my music player to watch the video*
I was so frustrated to not turn on the video camera quick enough to capture when Kevin's CBRN Class recited the NCO Creed, it was so awesome! But I did capture them singing the Chemical Corps and Army songs...(I am going to crash the next senior leader course just to video them reciting the NCO creed because it's pretty awesome...and we'll have a friend there so it won't be like I'm really crashing it!)

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Amy said...

I LOVE when Preston has a graduation. It just gives me chills and I feel like I beam with pride. So I can relate to how you were feeling that day! My fav part is the songs and when they recite the creed! It is just another something that gives me chills!