Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was having a twitter conversation about how we support one another in our home and it reminded me of how much Kevin includes us in his success as a Soldier. I am always humbled. He made a video last year but it's personal and I'll keep that just for me but this was a note he wrote on Mother's Day 2006 while deployed to Iraq. Here it is just as he wrote it on his MySpace blog.

My Wife, I Love You Baby
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I just want to tell you a little about a vey special woman in my life.
We met just over 11 years ago, at Ft Campbell, KY, where we were both stationed at. I used to make her do push ups during Air Assault PT, oh what fun that was. She thought I was egotistical, and I thought she was full of herself. I guess men don't stop thinking of girl's like that, even as a growen up, when they really must like someone.
We used to hang out and then it started to grow from there. We have been through some tough times, but i would not trade one moment of what we have been through for anything. We have been married for 10 yrs now and have 3 handsome boy's.
My wife is amazing, she is my hero, she may have left the Army but the Army has never left her, she is passing on traditions to our children some of which are fading if we do not keep them alive. She takes care of those three beautiful gift's that have been given to us by Our Heavenly Father. My wife is tough as nails, and has a great spirit about her.
She is the Cub Master at our church, and I know that those kid's are going to remmeber the thing's they did together for a long time coming. She is part of the PTO at the boy's school and again there are thing's those kid's are going to remember for a long time. You see she does not want glory or lots of praise she simply thinks about those kid's.
She also is the Family Readiness Group Leader for our Troop, HHT 8th Squadron 10th Cavalry, 4th BDE, 4th ID. To that, she is trying to keep the loved ones left behind while we are in Iraq, informed and answer as many questions as posible. Well this comes with a price, she must also be there when one of the soldier's is injuried or killed. So often it is said, I hope that we never have to deal with that aspect, even though we know it is a reality. On April 28th 2006 2 soldier's from my section, SSG Bryant Herlem and SGT Jose Gomez were killed in action. She has to be there for the families, and be strong and yet still deal with the daily aspect that I am here also, and yet be there for Michael, Neil and Daniel. People tell her that your so strong but yet her heart aches and she wants to cry for those whom we have lost, but still she must be there for the families. I want to be able to be there for her and hold her, so she can say I'm not ok, I feel sad, my heart aches. But I can't hold her.
She must continue on this journey that we are on 7000 miles apart.
I have been Blessed with an Eternal Family, what a gift we have been given. To be able to share the same Beliefs, Values, Trust and Love with someone who still makes my heart flutter when we are together or talking on the phone or chatting online.
Who is this woman? you're saying to yourself. Well, she is a Vetren, a Mother of 5 kid's (including myself, and Gizmo our little Diva dog), my Wife, she is my best friend, my lover but most important My Eternal Companion on this Eternal Journey. I am so proud of her. Now your saying to yourself what is her name? It is Nadine, and all I want to do for her is to hold her and tell her HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, YOU HAVE GIVEN ME THREE OF THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT'S OF ALL. I LOVE YOU BABY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
Please on this day remember the families of SSG Herlem and SGT Gomez. God Bless You all

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That is so awesome. What a blessed woman you are!